Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing walls are a great place to learn, practice skills and have fun in a safe, warm place with tea and cake on hand!

The Alpine Club mainly climb at Mile End Climbing wall and The Castle. Although there are occasional times we go to Westway or the The Arch too. For those in SW London there is a new wall in Tolworth called White Spider.


If you would like to come climbing, whether you’re a complete beginner or an old hand get in touch with us 🙂 We can loan you the gear needed to save on rental costs too.

We climb every Wednesday at Mile End and most Wednesdays at the Castle too, from around 2.30pm.

Mile End

In the middle of the East End, Mile End specialises in bouldering, a style of unroped climbing on walls up to 10m high which focuses on the gymnastic and technical aspects of the sport. It is known for its small size, sociable and helpful atmosphere and mind-bending route setting at all standards (Ever thought you could climb across a ceiling and onto the wall of an adjacent room?) It also has teaching facilities for absolute beginners and an advanced training room (Known as Campus Boarding). It has one room of ropes, in both top rope and lead, which are set in the sporty French tradition.

If you are a first time climber at Mile End Registration, climbing, and shoe hire is £12.00.

After that it’s £5 per session as a student.

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The Castle

Located in Zone Two of the Picadilly Line, this is one of the UK’s largest climbing centres and has some of the most impressive facilities to go with it. The most popular activity here is top-ropes, the safest form of indoor climbing and that usually preferred by beginners, in which protection is provided by an indirect ground belay via a fixed anchor at the top of the wall (So falling means simply hanging in space). For those with sturdier heads, lead climbing (In which protection is fixed by the climber as they ascend, meaning true falls are possible) is abundant here. Bouldering is also available.”

Prices are very similar to Mile End: £12 for unregister climber including harness and shoes, £7 if you have your own gear.

Once you’re registered (£2), it’s £6.50 per session

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